School Facilities

At present, the school runs in perfect harmony and comprises of 3 sections the Pre-Primary, Primary and the Secondary

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Sai Holy faith High School, in 1995 is an English Medium School for boys and girls. The school is recognized and affiliated to the State Board of Education, of the Government of Maharashtra.

In the spirit of true education wherein all faculties physical, intellectual, emotion, social, spiritual and moral must receive their due attention. The school strives to impart a sound liberal education aimed at the development and full flowering of total personality of the child. Hence education is directed towards the training of pupils intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotion, physical and aesthetic endowments and such cultural attainments as are suited to the training of youth.


Pre Primary Section

Teaching is one of the noblest professions to ever exist. It is ideal for dreamers who wish to see their nation grow and advance. The ones who enable great teaching are educators. They impart quality learning to students and prepare them for the future, both professionally and personally.


Secondary,Primary, Pre-Priamry Activities 2022-2023