Selected Candidate List 2023-24  


1. Thee will be two semesters in an academic year and examination will be held at the end of the portion coered in a respective standard in each semester.The first semester examination will be held on october and the second semester examination will be held in april. Besides these two semester examinations, as a part of the annual work, marks for unit tests, classwork, homework, oral examination and practical work have been instituted to inculcate regular habits of study. The performance of a pupil a judge on the progress of the student during the whole year and not on any single examination.hence all examinations and tests are equal importance. A pupil must get 35% marks in the aggregate of the two semester examination and unit test in each subject to pass the examinations. Rules of condonation prescribed by the government from time to time will be followed.

2. Absence from the whole examination involves a total loss of marks.

3. Absence from one or more subjects involve the loss of marks for those subjects, and excludes the pupil from a card or prize, and being reckoned in the order of merit rank in the examination.

4. Pupils absent from an examination, for any reason, are not re-examined, and those absent for an examination, without grave reasons will be considered as having failed.

5. Wilfl breach of any of the regulation for the conduct of the examination is punishable with wxpulsion from the examination room, or, if discovered subsequently cancelling of the paper.

6. Application for the verification of the school authorities. Answer papers will not be shown.

7. The result of the examination are final and cannot be reconsidered.

8. A pupil who fails consecuitively twice in the same standard is liable to be asked to leave the school.

9.A pupil who uses unfair means during Test/ Examination will be given zero in the subject and debbarred from the exams. Repetition  of unfair means will make the pupil liable for expulsion from the school.